Rock star Sting is offering an erstwhile band of rockers a second shot at stardom by playing with The Police in front of 60,000 people. Sting has joined forces with Virgin radio to find Britain’s best ‘lost’ group as part of the station’s One Last Dream competition. Virgin has promised to help ageing rockers, who can’t let go of their glory days, track down their former band members on social networking sites. The winning band will be ‘mentored’ back into shape by a panel of music experts before playing a warm-up gig at the Hard Rock Café in London. The public will vote on their best ‘lost group’, who will win a support slot at the Hard Rock Calling Festival show in June, headlined by the Police and KT Tunstall. A Virgin Radio spokeswoman said: “We are looking for bands that split because the bassist slept with the guitarist’s girlfriend or because a Yoko Ono got in the way of that hallowed record deal. They may have not played since school, university or even prison but this is the chance for them to show the world they did have what it takes and still do.” The competition was prompted by a caller to Christian O’Connell’s Virgin breakfast show who wanted help in tracking down the drummer in a band that split up 13 years ago.
Source: The Telegraph

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