Using Apple’s iChat AV, an iSight camera and a PowerBook G4, Manatee students used laptop “Eye” from Florida to Newcastle, England in a live video conference with Dominic Miller and Kipper of mega rock group “Sting” one hour before their performance on Friday, November 19 at 2 pm EST.
Students asked Sting everything from “what it’s like to be famous” to “what kind of music he likes.” Sting, who spent about an hour with the students answered all the questions, while stressing the value of getting a good education.
“I was able to contact Sting’s Producer and Keyboardist Kipper after they performed in Tampa last month. Just for kicks I asked if he and Dominic would consider a computer video conference with our students and they agreed,” stated Graham. “Dominic and Kipper will be able to see and talk to the students in real time. In turn, we’ll literally be onstage with the band. This is a perfect example of how the laptop initiative’s interactive qualities can bring lasting impressions into a classroom setting,” stated Graham.
The high school’s music students had submitted questions to Sting’s musicians who were randomly selected and answered. iSight cameras were set up on stage in England and in the Media Center in Bradenton.
Source: MacWorld and Emediawire (press release) – Ferndale, WA, USA

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