imageThe organic hocus pocus made its first victim: Sting himself. Sting has angered campaigners by allowing the world’s “worst polluting airline” to sponsor a gig he performed in New York City last night, 2nd November.
Eos offers flights from London to New York, using adapted Boeing 757 jets, for just 48 business class passengers, creating four tonnes of carbon dioxide per passenger, per return trip – and prompting its label from eco group Friends Of The Earth.
Publicity material for the concert at Manhattan’s Metropolitian Pavilion boasted “Sting supports Mother Earth”, informing fans that a fundraising auction was held to raise money for the Soil Association.
But critics have discovered several Soil Association executives were flown out to the gig, by the offending airline.

Richard Dyer, Friends of the Earth campaigner commenting on the impact of a plane designed for 200 carrying just 48: “Each return passenger on this new Eos service will produce four tonnes of CO2 whilst enjoying a tax exemption of £1000 because aviation fuel is tax free. This is economic and environmental madness”.
David Spurlock (former BA executive and Eos founder and CEO) claimed his airlines were, per passenger, “actually more efficient than bigger planes that offered a variety of classes”. When pressed for an explanation, his explanation seemed no more convincing.

Source: ContactMusic, StingUs and … a fly onboard.

Now, we found the actual press release as well…

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