imageWhile Rose Sumner, a former actress and aunt of Sting, received a letter from the Queen (UK) on her 100th birthday, she received no no card from Sting. The Sun Online really loved this news since they even added a picture of Mrs Sumner, and we must admit, she looks wonderful. Sun Online continues by saying that “Rose Sumner, widow of Sting’s dad’s brother Ernie, celebrated on Wednesday with family. Meanwhile the 54-year-old singer was at Elton John’s “wedding” bash.”
Mrs Sumner lives in a nursing home in Exeter, Devon, and said “it would have been nice” if Sting had remembered her big day, adding however that “I realise that he’s busy being a rock star.” Nephew Vic Gibbins said that Sting and Mrs Sumner have not had much contact for a while.
Source: The Sun Oline

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