Sting indicated he wants to give a master class at the University of Montana School of Music. Sting’s publicist, Tracy Bufferd of KSM Inc. in New York City, declined to comment on Sting’s motivation for offering to teach the master class at UM, saying she could not provide any information until the event is officially confirmed. She also declined to say whether master classes have been proposed at other stops along Sting’s tour route. But as far as UM is concerned, it’s pretty much a no-brainer. After all, Sting isn’t even asking to be paid. Alas, non-student members of the community probably won’t be able to attend the event. The Music Recital Hall – where the master class will likely be held – only accommodates 400 people. With 200 students who major in music, plus numerous music minors and faculty at the university, the class will likely be standing-room-only.
Source: Missoulian

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