Larry King will host Hollywood stars Cameron Diaz, Robert Redford, Sting and others for a two hour TV telethon on Monday to raise funds for Luisiana, the worst affected US state by the BP oil spill, E! Online reported. The charity event follows a plea by actor Ian Somerhalder to boost donations for the oil spill affected. Held by chat-show host Larry King, Sting joined the likes of Cameron Diaz and Robert Redford in appealing to members of the public to donate to the fund.
Sting played his song Fragile, dedicating it to “all the people in the Gulf who have lost their livelihoods, and all the animals and birds, and to remember our ecology is very fragile”. Speaking to the Associated Press, he said: “The problem in the first place is what were they doing drilling that deep without any safeguards? Who allowed that to happen? I’m not sure what the answer is. Nobody knows.”
Source: NDTV, AP

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