Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Elton John are reportedly set to form a supergroup to play at the London Olympics in 2012. The Rolling Stones are slated to perform at the opening ceremony of the games and Jagger is said to be keen to include other members of the rock aristocracy. He wants to be joined on stage by Bowie and Elton, as well as Phil Collins, Sting, Van Morrison, Pink Floyd’s Dave Gilmour, and Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. The concert would be trumpeted as featuring the greatest rock “supergroup” of all time. A source tells Britain’s News of the World newspaper, “Mick feels the Olympics coming to London is a huge honour – and wants to make his own gesture with the band. It’s early stages but Page, Bowie, and Morrison are already involved, although no-one is quite sure yet how the show will play out in its entirety. “The Olympics people hope to use the template of the American football Super Bowl half-time show, where an artist takes over the field on a giant stage. Having the Stones on side for a project like this is a huge deal.”

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