Some of the biggest names in rock and pop music are being lined up for a massive concert in London in December for ROCK AGAINST INJUSTICE, a gig to bring awareness to the people of the unjust extradition treaty between the UK and USA that is about to see a number of British citizens including Gary McKinnon* thrown out of the UK without trial or proof of any guilt.
Comedian Russell Brand has been invited to host and compere the event and names that are being approached include George Michael, Bob Geldof, Sting, Mark Knopfler, Rod Stewart, Marillion, Squeeze, Mika and many others!
The event will also raise money for ASPERGERS SYNDROME, as Gary McKinnon was diagnosed as a sufferer recently.
The organisers are now in discussions with a number of venues including the 02 Arena, Wembley Arena, The Royal Albert Hall and the NEC.
Senior front bench Conservative and Liberal MP’s are behind a review to the extradition treaty but the Labour leadership refuses to debate the document in the house. Many British citizens say “their blood is boiling” over this issue and that there elected representatives are not acting in the interests of the British people.
Mark Kelly from legendary 60’s band Marillion was the first to contact the organisers pledging his support and saying this is a cause that people need to get behind.
Source: Ross Hemsworth

* Gary McKinnon, also known as Solo (born in 1966), is a British hacker facing extradition to the United States to face charges of perpetrating the “biggest military computer hack of all time.”

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