imageSting is to appear on the new Steve Nieve CD “Welcome To The Voice” which will be released in May 2007. The album features Sting, Barbara Bonney, Elvis Costello, Robert Wyatt, Amanda Roocroft, Steve Nieve, Ned Rothenberg, Marc Ribot and the The Brodsky Quartet.
The tracklist is as following::
01 Prologue [10:53] – Sting, Steve Nieve
02 The Ghost of Carmen [6:02] – Sarah Fulgoni, Sting, Steve Nieve
03 Grand grand freedom [7:08] – Sting, Steve Nieve, Robert Wyatt, The Steel Workers Chorus
04 Welcome to the Voice [4:05] – Sting, Steve Nieve
05 Ghost of Butterfly [2:47] – Nathalie Manfrino, Steve Nieve
06 Ghost of Norma [4:37] – Amanda Roocroft, Steve Nieve
07 To Be is Strong [3:30] – Sting, Steve Nieve
08 Perfume Song [4:47] – Barbara Bonney, Steve Nieve
09 Desire [2:36] – Sting, Steve Nieve
10 Troublemaker [4:14] – Elvis Costello, Robert Wyatt, Steve Nieve, The Steel Workers Chorus
11 Don’t Touch [4:36] – Barbara Bonney, Steve Nieve
12 Distanciation [0:46] – Steve Nieve, The Steel Workers Chorus
13 Happiness [3:02] – Robert Wyatt, Sting, Steve Nieve
14 Despair [6:45] – Elvis Costello, Sting, Robert Wyatt, Barbara Bonney, Amanda Roocroft, Sarah Fulgoni, Nathalie Manfrino, Steve Nieve
15 Unlikely [4:57] – Sting, Barbara Bonney, Sarah Fulgoni, Robert Wyatt, Nathalie Manfrino, Amanda Roocroft, Elvis Costello, Steve Nieve, The Steel Workers Chorus

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