Sting is backing an anti-smoking campaign launched by regional public health organisation Fresh, which campaigns for a “smoke free North East”. The “Every Breath” campaign has been created to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking and encourage people to quit. Regional TV and radio activity includes a voiceover of a young boy reading the lyrics to the song. The campaign was created by Robson Brown. Sting said: “Many people across the UK are affected by lung damage and other smoking related illnesses, particularly in the North East where I grew up. I’m pleased to support a programme which works towards giving people the motivation and support they need to quit.”
The “Every Breath” campaign will be aimed at smokers who are aged between 25 and 50 years especially in the socio-economic group C2D households (over half of the North East’s smokers are in this group). It will clearly demonstrate that COPD is a progressive disease in which the lungs are slowly destroyed by smoking, leading to incapacity, and that shortness of breath is an early sign ? something many smokers did not realise during a series of focus groups which Fresh has carried out across the North East in recent months (further information on the findings of these is available). The campaign launched on October 6th.
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