Suggs on stage with Sting

Madness singer Suggs had to be hauled away by security guards after drunkenly invading a stage as Sting performed at Oxfordshire?s (posh) Henley Festival. Stumbling on to the stage during a rendition of Wrapped around your finger… Suggs, 51, told Sting: “I mean this so sincerely. When I was a kid, right, I used to look at Sting and I used to think, one day goddammit. Given the chance.” ?And here it is right before you. Ladies and gentlemen, Sting.? Sting replied: “Thank you Suggs, give him a round of applause ladies and gentlemen.” It did take security quite some time to take Suggs of stage during De do do do De da da da as you can see on this video.

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