No lawsuit this time, but Eric Ienco, Madonna’s former house manager and cook, who wrote a popular and amusing book about his work with Madonna and other international celebrities. It states that after landing in the UK and within 24 hours he was simmering sauces and packing lunches for music legend Sting and his wife Trudie Styler. He goes on to describe how it was fabulous being given free reign of Sting’s stove and how he emulated the great man by singing with a wooden spoon in between courses. With his natural flamboyant personality and cool culinary skills, he was an instant hit. He originally served as their butler as well as cook, cruising the world and taking care of the couple and their close circle of intimate friends. He said, “For two fabulous years, I co-ordinated visits to the family from triple ‘A List’ stars including Sir Elton John; Sir Bob Geldoff; Brad Pitt; Jodie Foster and Stevie Wonder. So I got to know what makes Elton’s mouth water, Pitt’s palette poised and what Foster’s food fantasies really are!” He was once hired out to Dustin Hoffman and his family whilst they were on holiday in Italy. In another memorable experience, he was required to serve up for Bruce Springsteen during a New York visit and whisked a few eggs for Charlene Spiteri (Texas) and a few nibbles for Stella McCartney.
On Trudie Styler, he commented: “WHAT a lovely lady to work for. Trudie is happy to eat my food any day. She loved my garlic-based dishes; in fact she likes most dishes with a spicy theme running through them.”
Source: Round Town News

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