imageIn Halloween spirit, Andy, Stewart and Sting were all dressed up last night for their show at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Sting, by the way, came through with the threat he made to Meredith Vieira Tuesday morning when he was on the “Today” show promoting his just-published book of lyrics. He told Meredith heâ??d suit up for Halloween in tights and a codpiece. Andy was dressed as Charlie Chaplin, Stewart had his face painted a ghoulish white with blood running down from his lips as a zomby mummy, and a cape, and Sting was dressed as a joker. Throughout the night, Summers stayed in character with both his walk and mannerisms. Pictures of the show can be found here, made by Johnny!
Later, Sting kept his costume on for an outing to Amy Saccoâ??s Bungalow 8, joined by wife, Trudie Styler, as the sexiest Catwoman this side of Julie Newmar. (She even sported a long red wig!) When the whole group moved down to the very decadent Box on Chrystie Street, the couple stayed in costume complete with masks. No one knew who they were, which was just the way they wanted it, and the couple danced the night away without giving a single autograph or answering one question about “Roxanne.”
Source: FoxNews

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