We heard this quote from one of our team: “Never heard a worse version of Message in a bottle than the one performed during the weekend in New York for the Live Earth concerts… Kanye West raped the song professionally in total pieces … a kick in the face of The Police fans.”
We tend to agree.

The Police performed 4 songs during the Live Earth concert in New York’s Giant’s Stadium last Saturday: Driven To Tears, Roxanne, I Can’t Stand Losing You, and the atrocious version of Message In A Bottle (featuring an excellent John Mayer but a dreadful Kayne West).

Judge for yourself via below video.

Strange that Sting in particular was impressed by Kanye’s improvised line that “the only police he wanted to see in the ‘hood were Sting’s Police.” “It was very clever,” Sting admitted.
Bad taste, huh?

Some critics have also pointed out that the eight shows across the globe (New York, London, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney and Hamburg) generated more than 1.000 tons of garbage and caused huge amounts of carbon emissions because of the distances musicians traveled to perform. Also, there is the hypocrisy of some performers who have numerous houses, a fleet of cars and private jets, which makes their carbon footprint 100 times larger than the average person.

After the show, sources said that Al and Tipper Gore weren’t too exhausted to turn down an invite for breakfast the next morning with Sting and Trudie Styler at their elegant Central Park West aerie. The Gores, along with daughter Karenna and son-in-law, Drew Schiff, chowed down on a Mexican buffet along with Police members Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers, actor Chazz Palminteri and members of the Police entourage who were getting ready to rejoin their reunion tour in Miami. Insiders say Gore gave a speech thanking the Police for making the Live Earth show a success. Styler introduced them to Fajardo, who celebrated his 35th birthday with the Police and the Gores serenading him.

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