imageWienerworld, a UK based DVD label, just released a 5 DVD boxset entitled “Spectacle: Elvis Costello with…”. Shot at the legendary Appollo Theater and 30 Rocks 8H Studio in New York, Spectacle blends the best of talk and music television. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member Elvis Costello conducts insightful interviews and participates in once-in-a-lifetime musical performances and collaborations with the likes of Elton John, The Police, Tony Bennett, Norah Jones, James Taylor, John Melencamp and many more. This is an unprecedented series and a must for fans of every kind of music! Includes extended episodes with previously unseen footage, extra songs and behind-the-scenes interviews.
These beautifully packaged Collectors Edition DVD and Blu-Ray boxsets include a 28 page colour booklet.

Track Listing:
Disc 1: Sir Elton, President Bill Clinton, Tony Bennett
Disc 2: Lou Reed, Julian Schnabel,The Police, Smokey Robinson
Disc 3: Rufus Wainwright, Jakob Dylan, Jenny Lewis, She & Him, Diana Krall and Sir Elton John
Disc 4: Herbie Hancock, Kris Kristofferson, Roseanne Cash, Norah Jones, John Mellencamp and James Taylor
Disc 5: Renee Fleming, Bonus songs, outtakes and backstage footage, rehearsal footage, stills gallery and more

What is even better is that we have a free copy for the person who can let us know by February 1st 01.00 AM CET what the link is between Elvis Costello, Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon…

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