The Police has made North Vancouver their base to rehearse and prepare for the launch of their world tour. Stewart Copeland, Sting and Andy Summers will spend the next 20 days rehearsing at the rec centre on the Squamish First Nation reserve in North Vancouver.
The Police plan to play the hits when the trio opens the group’s first tour since 1984 this month. “We’ve got about a two-hour show lined up of famous songs, basically,” guitarist Andy Summers said. “We’re not doing anything really obscure. There’s so much good material that is all kind of world-famous, and we can have a lot of fun playing it.” Summers also says the group will be on the road into 2008.
The Police are using their time in rehearsals to really get into and update some of their songs. Guitarist Andy Summers told that the group is ripping some songs apart and reinventing them, with the goal being to make everything sound fresh: “The task is to, like, take these songs and, and… I say revitalize — I don’t know, I think they’re pretty vital songs, but I think what we have to do is get into really being a band together. We know the songs, obviously, but we — we sort of take them as if we don’t know them and, and, and rebuild them until, at least to our ears, they sound completely powerful, and modern, and are cutting it on all levels.”
The updates include key changes on some songs, as well as different drum rhythms and guitar parts.
Source: UPI, StingUs

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