Here is some news shot by “Iceman”:

1) Both the Anaheim and Dodger Stadium shows shows were recorded for a future dvd and cd release.
2) The upcoming Miami MTV acoustic session will be a ten to eleven song concert. The Police have been practicing the following songs:

Message In A Bottle
Wrapped Around Your Finger
King Of Pain
Walking On The Moon
Bring On The Night
Tea In The Sahara
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Truth Hits Everybody (like the 83 remix)
Walking In Your Footsteps
Invisible Sun
Don’t Stand So Close To Me
De Do Do Do
Every Breath You Take

The show will be recorded in HD for DVD and a future cd release if the band is satisfied with the performance. The show material would be different from the arrangements from Sting’s solo MTV video release.
3) At the end of the tour a dvd box set (sold exclusively at Best Buy) may include the Dodger and Anaheim shows as well as Gateshead 82 and early 80s show.
4) A cd box set may include some of the live shows from 2007 and earlier unreleased shows (for example Gateshead or France 1980).
5) All of the above is up in the air until the band and record company make final marketing decisions. But expect a lot of releases around Christmas time as all parties want to monetize the current tour and past recordings.

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