The following we picked up from The Police may be giving their Cuban fans a free show this Christmas. The super rock group, which recently reunited for a sell-out world tour, has received an invitation from the Cuban government to perform there in December. The Havana show would be the last one in North America, ending The Police‘s massive tour that begins on May 28 in Vancouver. The invite stems from a recent visit to Havana over the 2006 Christmas holiday by Sting and Trudie Styler where they met with many local musicians and poets. “They were overwhelmed by the Cuban culture and the arts and the musicality,” a source said. “The people were very generous to them with their time.” The couple evidently started out the vacation at one of Havana’s large tourist hotels, but quickly moved to more intimate accommodations. Immediately, musicians started showing up every night, sources said, wanting to meet and jam with Sting.

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