A new website about The Police is currently in the works, and will act as a “real” wikipedia. This website wants to combine all the information from books, magazines and the internet in one place. Plus the information that the fans might have !
To illustrate all of this the website wants to show as many pictures, tickets, posters, etc… as possible. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s getting better every day – here’s the main page:
You could help the people working on that website as well! Any time you met Sting, Stewart and Andy is interesting for the Police wiki.
Any information which is not yet in the wiki would be great to know. Especially if you’ve got a place and date for your information – and the source (personal observation, magazine quote, book, TV…).
Any photo you took of them is interesting – the website only shows photos with the photographer’s approval – so NO stealing from the internet.
Tickets, flyers, posters, magazines, setlists, tour programs, memorabilia – all that is something we want to show.
Here are a few samples of how ALL of the pages should eventually look like:
– 1977:
– 1983:
– Sting:
– Andy:
– Stewart:
– Various The Police concert photos:
– Various non-concert photos:

So if there’s anything you’d like to contribute to the Police wiki – just send the information to [email][/email]

Dietmar Clös

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