Strange title? Well. EUX.TV had this news to report today:

A popular parody of Police song gets its very own rip-off
By Katerina Zachovalova, dpa

Prague (dpa) – When Jack Stack, a popular CEO of the number one Czech bank Ceska Sporitelna, was bidding farewell to his colleagues in late June after seven years in their midst, he gave them a little present.

To show his affection for some 11,000 subordinates, he hired a marketing firm to help him shoot a black-and-white remake of Every Breath You Take – a 1983 classic hit by Sting’s band Police.

“Every breath you take, every change of rates, every fee that spikes … I’ll be watching you,” the 61-year-old manager sings in the style of Johnny Cash, as one Czech paper put it.

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