In the next few days, The Police’s third leg of their reunion world tour will be announced. It will begin May 1 in Ottawa, and continue through a number of cities they haven’t already gotten to in the USA through the month, and then will take off for Europe in June and then returns to the U.S. for all of July and part of August. Some of the cities include Buffalo, Columbus, Chicago, Kansas City, Omaha, and Orlando. There are about 14 cities in May and July, with a more or less final date set for Long Island’s Jones Beach on Aug. 4.

Elvis Costello is going to open every show with his group, The Imposters. The Police will play their still- unannounced finale in New York in August, and then that will be it, for all time. Sting has confirmed this. Asked what he will do when it’s all over, and The Police are finally put to bed, Sting answered “Go home to Italy and write. I’m going to pick a few olives,” he said, and “think about new songs.” Unlike some artists, Sting doesn’t find writing conducive on the road. But … is this really it? “I think it’s done, people came to see something from the past, and it was great.”

Along the way, The Police will release a DVD of concerts filmed in South America from last December described as a “Valentine” to the group’s fans. So far no CD soundtrack is planned.
And, sorry, there never will be a new album of Police music. The Police is considering adding a couple of surprises in the last shows.

Source: Fox and StingUs

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