Barack Obama will feature in a BBC documentary called Barack Obama And The Lost Art Of Oratory. The film, which had cameras rolling during the inauguration, was the brainchild of Trudie Styler, who took it to Alan Yentob and others at the BBC. ‘I heard him speak at the 2007 Democratic Convention and I was struck by his vocal power,’ Trudie recalled. ‘It’s so important to have politicians who are articulate and can be understood.’ The film will focus on Obama and other leaders, including Winston Churchill. Indeed, Trudie is a fan of Churchill – and often takes him to bed with her. ‘I love reading his speeches and listening to him. Some nights Sting wonders what an earth is going on,’ Trudie laughed. She and her singer husband were in Washington for the inauguration ceremonies, and Sting performed at the Creative Coalition Ball. Trudie is also involved in the film “Moon”. Directed by Duncan Jones, Sam Rockwell plays an astronaut coming to the end of a three-year contract working for a mining company on the moon. He’s going bonkers, and clones of him begin appearing.

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