A number of newspapers and magazines report today detailing Sting and his wife Trudi Styler’s less than stellar environmental record, even while they speak out over the dangers of climate change and CO2 emissions. This past week, the UK Daily Mail received some refreshing honesty on the issue from Trudi during a interview at the Earls Court Real Food Festival. From the article, “Miss Styler tried to shift a little of the blame on to her musician husband, who is 56. ‘When it comes to the carbon footprint, Sting puts his hand up immediately and says ‘I’m a musician and I have a huge carbon-footprint’, she said. She then asked: ‘Are we being hypocritical?’ before seeming to answer the question herself. ‘He has a 750-person crew to bring around the world and it is a difficult challenge. I would like to think that we both work pretty hard for the rights of indigenous people and for the rights of conservation of the Amazon rainforest, but we do need to get around. It’s a difficult one.’” Environmental experts recently rated Sting’s band, The Police, one of the dirtiest in the world as a result of the crazy amounts of pollution generated by the group on their latest world tour. Styler herself has also been criticized for her copious private jet and helicopter flights — as well as ridiculous antics like having her personal chef travel 100 miles to simply prepare a bowl of pasta.
Sting and Trudi certainly do a good amount for certain charities and initiatives, but when it comes to talking sustainability, they really should jump down from the soapbox.
Sources: DailyMail, The Journal

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