imageVisit and be offered various ways how also you can help out the victims of hurricane Katrina that hit the south of the USA.
“The effect of Hurricane Katrina in terms of human lives is appalling, and its destruction of property and infrastructure devastating. Just how severe its economic effect will be on the US and global economy is not yet clear, but it is also potentially serious.” (Alan Wood in The Australian)
When cliking on “More”, you will get all details on how to help Hurricane Katrina victims, whatever your political/religious belief.

One rather disturbing sidenote though: [i]Foreign countries have offered help during previous domestic emergencies in the United States, such as the Sept. 11 terror attacks. But never in recent history has there been such an outpouring as this week, said U.S. State Department spokesman Tom Casey. The Bush administration has offered mixed signals on whether it would accept such aid. In an interview with ABC on Thursday, President Bush said the United States was not seeking foreign assistance. “This country is going to rise up and take care of it,” he said. But on Friday, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice expressed “the heartfelt thanks of the president, the United States government and all Americans” to those who had offered support.[/i] (By Hector Tobar / Los Angeles Times)

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