imageSting and Trudie have flung wide the doors of their £12million Manhattan apartment for an “at home” newspaper feature. The centrepiece of the 18-room apartment overlooking Central Park is an extraordinary scarlet bedroom embroidered in gold and dominated by two explicit Helmut Newton prints. In one, an unidentified woman lays virtually naked, with her legs spread in the back of a vintage Mercedes as a man leans over from the front seat to unzip one of her spike-heeled boots. The other image, above the bed head, shows the lower half of another female wearing just stockings, suspenders and high heels.
Sting said of the room: “I find it hot.” She also curiously went on to admit that her son Giacomo once wanted to know if the photo of the almost nude, sprawled-out woman was his mother or sister. She told him it was neither. Elsewhere in the apartment are rather more homely points of reference – cow paintings by daughter Mickey, family photos scattered in silver frames, a giant wall of Polaroids in the kitchen and Sting’s lute resting on a sofa.
The couple put the Manhattan property, which they have owned for 20 years – on the market last year, but have now taken it off, despite buying a further £15million home in a separate development in the city. The couple have lived in the apartment for 20 years and neighbours include film star Robert De Niro. They decided to move because, according to Styler, they thought: “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a skyline? This area was perfect when our kids were younger but our stroller days are over.” But Sting had second thoughts, admitting: “I’m not sure I’m ready to sell. I’ve had a lot of inspiration here.” He added: “I like being able to shout at people on the street and being so close to the rumble of the subway.”
Source: partially based on Daily Mail article

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