Sting sent a thank-you letter from London to organizers of Cubadisco 2009 Festival for his award in the category of international record during the Cuban record industries annual awards ceremony on Saturday. It is an unexpected honor, said Sting. He received the award for the album The Journey and the Labyrinth and said that he has always held Cuban music and culture in very high esteem, reported Granma newspaper. Sting visited Cuba for the first time in January 2007 accompanied by his wife Trudie Styler. Sting writes that Styler was really impressed by how the music and art are the living blood of the island. He adds that the level of musicality he witnessed in Cuba was extraordinary and inspiring. During his visit, Sting spoke about organizing a concert in Havana. While he was here, he met with students from several Cuban music academies and ballet schools, and members of the Buenavista Social Club with whom he had recorded the CD Ritmos del mundo Cuba before his trip.

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