imageStewart’s 1985 album “The Rhythmatist” has been digitally remastered and now features also an extra track. It is the ouctome of Stewart Copeland’s pilgrimage to Africa. Combining field recordings with Copeland’s multi-instrumental work in an Assyrian studio, The Rhythmatist was light years ahead of his sophomorically amiable work as Klark Kent. The album as a whole focuses on (not surprisingly) the rhythm section of tastefully syncopated drums and percussion against a backdrop of atmospheric synthesizers. Ray Lema’s chorused vocals over the pulsing beat of “Koteja” are absolutely hypnotic, while Copeland’s dry narration after the clattering drum solo of “Serengetti Long Walk” is awkwardly endearing.

The tracklist is as following:
1. Koteja(Oh Bolilla)
2. Brazzaville
3. Liberte
4. Coco
5. Kemba
6. Samburu Sunset
7. Gong Rock
8. Franco
9. Serengeti Long Walk
10. African Dream

Bonus track:
11. Gong Rock(Dub Version)
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