imagePRESS RELEASE – The renowned Swiss cymbal maker Paiste announces the introduction of the Signature 22″ Blue Bell Ride at the 2007 Summer NAMM Show. This special Ride cymbal was created by Paiste’s Sound Development team in collaboration with Stewart Copeland, who has inspired an entire generation of drummers with his unique playing style as the driving force behind The Police. The introduction of this model coincides with the celebrated world-wide reunion tour of The Police.
The 22″ Blue Bell Ride is based on the Signature 22″ Dark Metal Ride, and was modified according to Stewart Copeland’s exacting specifications. In the process, this development reintroduces Paiste’s unique ColorSound coating, as the cymbal is coated partially blue on top and fully on the bottom.
The 22″ Blue Bell Ride features a dry, slightly dark, raw and melodic sound. Its dominant characteristics include a clear, glassy ping and a distinctive strong, deep bell, in accordance with Stewart Copeland’s Ride playing technique within the context of the music of The Police. As a tribute to Stewart’s collaborative effort in the creation of this unique cymbal, the label “The Rhythmatist” and Stewart Copeland’s “Rider” logo appear in conjunction with the model designation on the cymbal. Signature cymbals are entirely made by hand in Switzerland using traditional methods that have remained unchanged in over half a century. ColorSound is a proprietary coating for cymbals developed by Paiste in the 1980s, which optimizes the effect of a coating on cymbal sound and is extremely durable.
Available as of the 4th quarter 2007.

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