imageImagine canoeing for eight to ten gruelling hours a day, day after day through sweltering sun and oppressive heat. Your hands are worn raw where the paddles rub against your skin. The river is filled with crocodiles, and is surrounded by dense jungle on all sides. Upon reaching the end of this river, imagine then attempting to use offroad 4×4 vehicles through regions of extremely difficult terrain covering wet and muddy grasslands and swamps over two days. Having managed this, you must then continue driving through offroad mountainous terrain which has only once been successfully travelled by vehicle. Upon reaching the end of this 280-kilometre stretch, imagine the final leg of the journey being a physically devastating 2-week trek through an immense uncharted jungle. This jungle, which can only be travelled by foot and with machete, through objectively hazardous flora and fauna, has never been successfully trekked. Each night you would have to set up camp in thick rainforest, among poisonous spiders and snakes. The humidity will be such that any injury incurred on this desperate journey will be exceedingly difficult to recuperate. Having succeeded against all odds through the jungle, your journey finishes at the highest waterfall drop in the world.

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