imageOk, Annie Lennox refuses to tour on the back of a new Eurythmics greatest hits compilation. The reason why is: “I get all anxious and I can’t calm down. And to do the 54 dates I did with Sting, it was mad. I don’t really know why I did it. I thought I misread the amount of dates.”
Next month will return the spotlight to pop duo Eurythmics, with a best-of disc entitled “Eurythmics Ultimate Collection,” out November 8 on Arista Records, and featuring its first new songs (2) in six years and a reissue campaign featuring expanded editions of the group’s entire catalog. The “Ultimate Collection” contains 17 past U.K. and U.S. hits the duo culled from as far back as 1983‘s “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” up to “17 Again,” from its last album, 1999‘s “Peace.”
Source: ContactMusic.com, Reuters, Billboard

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