imagePress release – ThreePeace ?Messengers of Thyatira? comes on the heals of the critically acclaimed album ?For the Love of the Rastaman? which established the band in the mold of their hero?s Bob Marley and The Police. On this latest album ThreePeace continues quest for World Peace through rock and reggae music. The band combines current events against the back drop of 1st century A.D. prophecy in the hopes of waking the masses to the reality of our World Crisis. Disgusted with World leaders of all faiths, the band has a fresh batch of fuel for the ThreePeace Rocket. This album blasts off with much fury on the song ?Bush Wacked?, as the spirits are summoned up from Thyatira. ?Piss Poor in the Lap of Luxury? carries the album into orbit with its worldly reggae beat and sizzling guitar lead. Finally this album blasts into the cosmos with songs such as ?The Great Tribulation?, ?Mt. Zion? and ?Messengers of Thyatira?. With all of the spirits fully aligned with this project, ThreePeace believes it stands a good chance of getting you involved in their crusade for World Peace. Focusing their musical energy on the many things we share, instead of few things which divide us all.

1 Bush Wacked 4:33
2 The Great Tribulation 4:42
3 Messengers of Thyatira 6:29
4 World Torn 5:52
5 Media Wife 4:17
6 Mt. Zion 4:39
7 Piss Poor in the Lap of Luxury 4:54
8 Liberty or Death 4:43

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