Stingus joined up with PsPrint for stickers and posters

Yep, that’s right, those who were at the recent The Police and Sting concerts in the US might have seen our posters and stickers being spread around by our street team. Being based in Greece I had to find a way to get the material distributed in the US, and that’s where PsPrint joined us. Based in the US they did our sticker and poster printing more than easy.

Those who have used PSprint in the past will understand immediately why I have chosen this service in order to help getting the word out on They are both simple to use and very quick in delivering the quantity and quality I wanted. Uploading the files was actually peanuts, I chose for pdf files since I got them delivered like that from our artwork guy. But the system allows a large list of files including eps, jpg, ps, psd and tif files. I’m sure none of you would consider uploading a gif :). 2 files were uploaded and the PSprint software immediately checked whether the image resolution was OK, being at least 300 dpi. After I positioned the image correctly – again with their online system – and completed the order. I got to see the results and I was honestly quite impressed actually. I’m pretty sure I will use them again in the near future, perhaps even for cd cover printing purposes… so who knows !

All in all 10.000 posters and 10.000 stickers were spread for a lousy US$ 1060.00 for the posters and just US$ 535.00 for the stickers. Peanuts really compared to the prices I get here in Europe, plus I avoided having the whole lot shipped to the US in the first place. The material was sent to my contact person in the US in 10 business days, since I wanted to save a bit on that option because you can actually also have it sent to you in 5 or 3 business days or even 1 business days, but that last option almost doubled the total price and since I was ready with everything way on forehand, getting the stuff in two weeks was just fine.

Job well done ! For those interested, PsPrint also does brochures, business cards, calendars, door hangers, event tickets, greeting cards, newsletters and even vinyl banners. Now that last option might be an idea for the next time !

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