A campaign hoped to breathe new life into Newcastle and its businesses was launched yesterday with the backing of entrepreneurs, shop owners and Wallsend-born Sting. He appears in one of a series of four television adverts, alongside shoppers, businesses, artists and families, as part of a bid to sell the attractions of the region’s capital to a wider public. The Get Into Newcastle campaign is hoped to change the city’s image from a hard-drinking, party town into a cosmopolitan centre with cultural, commercial and family attractions. The ads will start to appear in newspapers and magazines, as well as radio and television, trains and buses from the end of this month. They show a wide variety of leisure activities, and sweeping views of the city under the message that “there is a Newcastle city centre for everyone” with one ending in an image of Sting looming out of the shadows in a city street. Bob Senior, NE1 board member and managing director of Utopian Leisure, said: “The hairs on the back of my neck literally stood up when I saw the TV advert. The fact that Sting is involved just shows how passionate he is about the place, as is every trader involved with NE1.”

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