Following statement by Stewart appeared in an article posted on the Billboard website: “When the stakes are really high, we always come out of the box swinging,” Copeland said of high-profile gigs like Bonnaroo during a conference call with journalists today. “Sting and [guitarist] Andy [Summers] are two guys who just don’t back down. The bigger the prize, the harder they fight.” That said, Copeland is trying to help Sting and Summers understand that the hardcore Police fans will be coming to more than one show on the reunion tour, and, as such, will be expecting the set list to change regularly. “We’ve got a fairly rehearsed set,” he said. “[But] those people who bought most of the tickets for most of the shows are not normal people. They’re like the people who bought all the Oysterhead tickets because of Trey [Anastasio]. Those type of people, I think, buy more than one show. I’m trying to get that through to my buddies so that we change it up a little bit.”

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