While he commented on the USA voting, Sting now also urges North East to vote. had following article:
Tyneside-born pop superstar Sting threw his weight behind plans for an elected North East Assembly today. Sting, 53, real name Gordon Sumner, who was born in Wallsend and was a teacher before he became a world-famous music star, now has homes in Wiltshire and Tuscany.
“This is a once-in-a lifetime chance for the North East to have a say about its future,” he said. “People have to make up their own minds but I think it is important that they take the opportunity they are being offered and use their vote. I feel people who live and work in the North East should have more say in shaping its future. I realise some may think I should keep out of the debate because I no longer live there, but it’s where my roots are and I still care passionately about the place. I want to keep aside from the politics of the debate but I know that people in the region are as passionate as I am about issues such as their culture and sport. And one of the powers of a new assembly would be to actively promote arts, culture and sport in the region. People should consider whether they think the present system has held our region back and if an assembly could give the North East more freedom to control its own destiny.”
John Elliott, chairman of the anti-assembly North East Says No campaign, said: “We are all proud of the North East but this is not the issue. The real issue is whether we want an assembly that could not employ even a single extra nurse, doctor or teacher but one that could raise council tax. “People should not let emotion get in the way of a very important decision. People should think carefully about the issues.” Coun Mick Henry, Labour leader of Gateshead Council and a supporter of the pro-assembly Yes4theNorthEast campaign, said: “I’m delighted that Sting is urging people to get involved, find out about the issues and use their vote because it is important for the future of everyone in the region. “Despite living away for many years he obviously cares passionately about the area because he grew up here and wants the best for local people.” Source: Newcastle Evening Chronicle, by Peter Young

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