Sting played a special concert on October 20 at New York’s Supper Club. Bill Gates paid $500.000 for Sting to sing eight songs at a party the Microsoft billionaire threw at the Supper Club. The event took place after the launch of a new Swatch watch – the Paparazzi – that uses Microsoft SPOT (Smart Personal Object Technology). After the press event, the watch informed the owner there was a free Sting concert at the Supper Club open to anyone wearing a Paparazzi watch.
“Sting started with “Every Breath You Take” followed by “Every Little Thing”. He then mentioned that this was “not the usual group of corporate stiffs” that he encounters at these events. He was having a good time and continued with “Field of Gold”. Rumors circulated that Sting’s contract required him to sing three songs. If he was in a good mood and the audience was good, he might choose to do more. He did! The next song was “Englishman in New York” (very appropriate). He and the band then left the stage. The audience reaction brought them back and Sting commented that he had to return for all the beautiful ladies in the audience. He then performed “Roxanne” and departed again.” (Thanks Attis)

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