imageSting sang the Russian traditional song “kalinka-malinka” during his gig in Moscow last night. Kalinka is surely one of the best-known Russian folk-songs: a small declaration of love dedicated to a snowball tree. It is especially popular because of its impetuous, light-hearted character, speeding up in the refrain to a frenzied tempo.

The song is as follows:
Калинка, калинка, калинка моя,
В саду ягода малинка, малинка моя,

Под сосною под зеленою
Спать положите вы меня.

Ах! Сосенушка ты зеленая,
Не шуми же надо мной!

Ах! Красавица, душа девица,
Полюби же ты меня!

And for the non-Russians among us, that is:

Juniper, juniper, juniper, my juniper,
In the garden there’s the berry, my raspberry.

Under the pine, under the green pine,
Lay me down to sleep

Oh you dear pine, oh you green pine,
Don’t you rustle so loud over me

Beautiful maid, dear maid,
please fall in love with me!


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