imageAs part of his Broken Music Tour in Russia, Sting is singing for forest conservation. Sting will contribute part of the proceeds from his Moscow concert to WWF-Russia’s Plant Your Forest for Life Programme, which works to restore unique pine forests in Siberia’s Altai Region. Russia’s Altai region is a mosaic of coniferous forests and alpine meadows, hosting a rich degree of biodiversity. However, forest clearance, forest fires, mining, over-grazing and over-hunting are serious threatening the region’s forest.
“Sting has long been involved with several causes, including fighting poverty and rainforest preservation,” said WWF-Russia’s Forest Programme Director Elena Kulikova. “It is very important for us that Sting focuses his attention on Russia’s forests, which are an integral part of the country’s natural heritage.
This is Sting’s third visit to Russia, which is part of WWF’s Stars for a Living Planet. Other popular musicians who have contributed their time and efforts include Valery Syutkin (Russia), Cesaria Evora (Cape Verde) and John Scofield (US).
The Broken Music Tour is in Russia for shows in St Petersburg on July 24 and Moscow on July 26. The Moscow concert is organized and sponsored by Alfa Bank, WWF-Russia’s corporate partner since 2001.

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