A view of Great Durnford Manor (top) and Stings Country home. The fishing hut (bottom) is to the right of the riverThe Daily Mail had this article: When compared to his 17th century Wiltshire manor house, it is a tiny blot on the landscape. But for pop star Sting, this wooden fishing hut – which sits half a mile away from his home – has ruined the view from his bedroom window. Despite having 800 acres of beautiful countryside to enjoy, the former Police singer has now become embroiled in an extraordinary planning row to have the shack bulldozed. Council planners were alerted to the presence of the angler’s shelter by a “whistle blower” – understood to be the popstar himself – after it was erected on an estate neighbouring Sting’s £7 million manor without planning consent.

The singer’s spokesman says, “I can confirm that Sting has objected. This is a commercial venture by a multi-millionaire property developer, built without planning consent in an area of outstanding natural beauty, which is also a site of special scientific interest. Many local people are upset by this development.”

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